Column Heater Accessories

The FH-40 Flow-through Heater provides a precisely monitored temperature environment (ambient to 150°C) for pre and post column reactions. Eluate and derivatizing agents are combined by means of an external tee (tee and fittings not included). On-stream mixing with minimal peak broadening is accomplished by tightly coiling up to 50 feet of stainless steel tubing around the reactor cartridge. Fluids moving in such a reactor set up secondary flow patterns perpendicular to the main flow direction, thus favoring radial mixing of eluate and derivatizing agent.

A thermostat limits the heater temperature to a maximum safe value to prevent overheating. A controller malfunction, or the inadvertent plugging of the heater into a line socket will not damage the heater. The precision of the RTD element is such that all FH-40 heater units are interchangeable and can be used with any Brinkmann temperature controller.

A removable reactor cartridge is incorporated into the heater block. Additional interchangeable cartridges are available to allow quick tubing type/length change.