CH-500 Integrated Column Heater

Brinkmann Column Heat Control System

The integrated heater/controller features a built-in temperature controller with temperatures from ambient to 150°C. The one-piece HPLC heating system can be mounted vertically, and its small footprint saves valuable bench space. It comes complete with modular heating blocks that fit 6, 10, and 13 mm OD column widths with lengths up to 30 cm. Heating block conductivity allows set and column temperatures to be equal, providing temperature uniformity.

Technical Specifications


Ambient to 150ºC


± 0.1ºC

Absolute accuracy:

± 1ºC at 50ºC at column output
Column sizes: Two 1/4 inch OD, one 3/8 inch OD or one 1/2 inch OD; all lengths up to 30 cm plus fittings
Inlet pre-heaters: Two-channel included
Heater element: 125 W
Sensor: 1,000-Ω RTD
Dimensions (L x W x H): 18.25 x 6.38 x 3.25 inches



Catalog No

Column Heater

CH-500 column heater, 120 V BOMLSCH500120
CH-500 column heater, 240 V BOMLSCH500240
CH-500 column heater, 240 V, UK version BOMLSCH500240UK

Additional Blocks

1 in. Heating Blocks, for CH-500 column heater, pkg. of 2 SNGLS56006
2 in. Heating Blocks, for CH-500 column Heater , pkg. of 2 SNGLS56022
4 in. Heating Blocks, for CH-500 column heater, pkg. of 2 SNGLS56049

Post Column Reactors

FH-40 Flow-through Heater, 120 V BOMLSFH40120
FH-40 Flow-through Heater, 240 V BOMLSFH40240
Spare Cartridge, for FH-40 Flow-through Heater SNGLS59137