Fuel Cell Packages

Fuel Cell Package

A complete solution set for fuel cell researchers in areas such as non-platinum catalysis, oxygen reduction or membrane transport.

Each Autolab system in basic configuration also includes an advanced electrochemical software interface with fully automated fuel cell protocols for analyzing I-V curves, auto-power density and current density curves, linear polarization, etc.

The systems can be expanded and customized to accommodate advanced requirements for research institutions. For detailed information and a complete list of our available modules, please visit our Modules page.

Module Options

Linear or Analog Scan Generator: SCAN250

Application Note EC07
  • Fast analog scan to study rapid kinetics (hydrogen adsorption)
  • Accurate estimation of active surface area for platinum or platinum dispersions
BA Potentiostat: BA
Module for RRDE Experiments
  • Studying oxygen reduction kinetics with RDE and RRDE electrodes
  • Sequential voltage measurements up to 128 stacks
FRA32 Module: EIS Analysis for CO Poisoning

Application Note FC03
  • Frequency range: 10 µHz – 1 MHz
  • Frequency resolution: 0.003%
  • Real-time automated equivalent circuit fitting and simulation protocol
Complete solution kits are available for fuel cell researchers, analysts and scientists. 

Please contact us if you need to configure a specialized kit for specific fuel cell research. The complete solution for the electrochemical testing of active fuel cells: App Notes FC04, FC05 & FC06

The fuel cell test kit includes a powerful low-cost potentiostat PGSTAT204 with an integrated impedance module FRA32 and a hardware interface to external loads and fuel cell test stands. The pre-existing protocols in software and this fuel cell kit can provide a complete solution for a fully automated characterization of fuel cells / fuel cell stacks, especially at high DC offset currents. 


  • Integration of the system into test stands with LabVIEW Compatibility 
  • Easy and direct connection to external electronic loads by dynload - Interface 
  • Simple operation by pre-measuring methods 
  • Task-specific adaptation and combination of measurement methods 
  • Integrated impedance spectroscopy up to 1MHz 
  • Quick and easy evaluation by Autofit function 
  • All electrochemical measurement techniques in one measurement system

Test kit includes: