Corrosion Applications

Along with our ever expanding and highly modular N Series systems and accessories for corrosion monitoring & research, we also offer customized solution packages that could be tailor-made to the requirements of each user. A variety of customized solution kits, pre-programmed methods and application notes are available, making it possible to more easily meet the national and international standards for corrosion measurements.


  • ASTM G71, ASTM G100, ASTM G150, ASTM F746
  • ASTM G5, ASTM G59, ASTM G61
  • DIN 50918, DIN 50919, ISO 17475


Each Autolab system in basic configuration now also includes a ‘no charge’ advanced electrochemical software interface NOVA that has fully automated and easy-to-use corrosion protocols for analysis such as:


Advanced capabilities for analysis could be added by any one or all of the following modules depending upon user requirements. For detailed information and a complete listing of our available modules please visit our Modules page.

Module Features

Px 1000 Module:

Critical Pitting Test Evaluation

  • Simultaneous evaluation of pH and Temperature with pX1000 sensor
  • Complete solution kit available according to ASTM G150

ECN Module:

Electrochemical Noise or ZRA Analysis

  • Potential resolution up to 0.76 µV


Electrochemical Impedance Analysis for Metal Coatings

  • Frequency range: 10 µHz – 1 MHz
  • Frequency resolution: 0.003%
  • Real-time automated equivalent circuit fitting and simulation


Corrosion in  Concrete

  • 100 V Compliance Voltage
  • EIS and various other expandability options possible


Hydrogen Permeation experiments

  • Normal as well as Floating ground option
  • Expandable with EIS capability
  • Application Note

Test Kits

The following complete solution kits are available for corrosion researchers, analysts and scientists. Please contact us if you need to configure a specialized kit for a specific corrosion study or analysis.
Basic Corrosion Test Kit
  • Our Compact series expandable PGSTAT 204
  • Choice of corrosion cell depending upon the electrode area
  • Corrosion accessories such as ASTM grade corrosion cells, reference and counter electrodes, gas-in gas out, thermometer, etc are included in corrosion cells
Critical Pitting Test Evaluation Kit
  • PGSTAT 204 + Px 1000 Module
  • Includes jacketed vessels, electrodes, Px 1000 Module
    sensor and cables for simultaneous pH and Temperature monitoring
  • Application Note and One-click direct protocol for software analysis