Battery Packages

Battery Research and Analysis Capabilities Combined into a Single Modular Platform

Every Autolab system in its basic hardware configuration includes an advanced electrochemical Autolab Software with fully automated battery protocols for battery research & analysis. Examples are temperature-dependent conductivity analysis of battery electrolyte, direct calculation of mass-transport numbers, galvanostatic & potentiostatic charge-discharge cycles, I vs T & E vs T with advanced cut-off options, auto-power density and current density curves, and much more. 

All our potentiostats also work in “MULTI-AUTOLAB” mode: You can stack up either the same or different potentiostats and use them from a single computer in a multichannel fashion. For our full range of Multichannel Options for Battery Testing, please select Multichannel Options.

Recommended Options and Kits for Battery Research

  EIS Analysis with FRA 32 

 Temperature Dependent            Conductivity Analysis 

  Application Note EC10

  • Frequency range: 10 µHz – 32 MHz ; (1 MHz with Autolab Potentiostat)

  • Frequency resolution: 0.003%

  • Real-time automated equivalent circuit fitting and simulation protocol

One-click fully automated protocol to vary the temperature of solid or liquid electrolyte & simultaneously measure true dc-ionic conductivity in real time via integrated Micro H-Cell Setup

  Voltage Multiplier

  Application Note BAT01

 Used to extend the measurable voltage to a higher range - up to a maximum of 100 V

  3-Divider Cable

 Ability to measure potential of the counter electrode with respected to working electrode in battery analysis

  Filter Integrator FI20

 Analog integrator to directly measure charge instead of current.
 Could be used both in CV as well as Potential Step methods
 Sallen-Key filter with selectable RC-times between 0 & 500 ms

 Increase the maximum applied / measured current capability of PGSTAT 302 N up to 20 Ampere


 Increase the maximum applied / measured current capability of PGSTAT 302 N or PGSTAT 204 up to 10  Ampere

1) Fully expandable PGSTAT 302N with ±30V Compliance Voltage

The PGSTAT 302N system can be expanded and customized to accommodate advanced requirements for research institutions. For detailed information and a complete list of our available modules, please visit our Modules page.

App Notes: EC10BAT01BAT02BAT03BAT04

2) Compact and Modular PGSTAT 204 with ±20V Compliance Voltage

The PGSTAT 204 combines the small footprint with a modular design. The instrument includes a base potentiostat/galvanostat with a compliance voltage of 20 V and a maximum current of 400 mA (up to 10 A with booster). This serves as a great portable impedance analyzer inside the glove box.

The PGSTAT 204 is especially useful for multichannel configuration for battery testing - simply add more than one PGSTAT 204 by its side. By adding a FRA 32 Module, it is possible to accommodate one unit inside the glove box (accessories supplied) and one as a bench top while still controlling both from the same computer.

The battery kit includes: