Bottletop Burets

No more hanging glass burets or meniscus readings.
Enjoy safer titration with more reliable results: Affordable, money-saving and time-saving Brinkmann bottletop burets are designed for easy, fatigue-free manual titration. They are extremely sturdy, and their pulse-free dispensing technique allows continuous dispensing with precision. Simply rotate the volume knob, and the desired amount—from 0.01 ml to 999.9 ml—is immediately displayed in large and clear type. Choose the model that is best for you: Our 25 ml model features a dispensing rate of 2.5 ml per rotation, and our 50 ml model features a dispensing rate of 5 ml per rotation

Key Features

  • Safety recirculating valve for priming without loss of reagent
  • Angled digital display for easy reading
  • Dispensing range from 0.01 ml to 999.9 ml
  • Telescopic filling tube is easily adjusted in length
  • Continuous pulse-free operation for faster titrations
  • Adjustable dispensing tube
  • Modular, sturdy construction
  • Discharge tube for easy access into a wide variety of vessels, can be rotated 360°
  • Simple calibration programming
  • Connection for drying tube
Catalog No.  Model Accuracy* Precision*
SNG-LS15003 25ml ±99.8%; ±50 µl
SNG-LS15101 50ml ±99.8%; ±100 µl

*Determined at Maximum Buret volume using distilled H2O at 20°C.