Metrosep RP 3 Guard HC/4.0

Metrosep RP 3 Guard HC/4.0
Order Number: 6.1011.040

The Metrosep RP 3 Guard HC/4.0 is a guard column for universal use. It reliably protects the analytical separation column against contamination, securely removing lipophilic organic contamination, the smallest particles, traces of iron oxide and bacteria. The guard column is based on a polymer material and thanks to its larger pack volume, has a significantly higher capacity that the Metrosep RP 2Guard/3.5. It can be used in the entire pH range.

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Carrier material Styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer
Column dimensions 5 x 4.0
Housing material PEEK
Organic modifier 0 - 100%
pH range 1...14