Metrosep C 3 Guard/4.0

Metrosep C 3 Guard/4.0
Order Number: 6.1010.450

The Metrosep C 3 S-Guard/4.0 contains the C-3 column material and is used to protect Metrosep C-3 cation columns. Particles and contaminations are reliably retained, allowing the lifetime of the analytical separation column to be prolonged considerably. The Metrosep C 3 Guard/4.0 also functions according to the "On Column Guard System" and is screwed directly onto the separation column with nearly no dead volume.

  • Tech specs
Carrier material Polyvinyl alcohol with carboxyl groups
Column dimensions 5 x 4.0 mm
Housing material PEEK
Organic modifier 50% acetonitrile or 30% acetone (no methanol)
Particle size 5 µm
pH range 2...12