821 Compact Online IC Process Analyzer (230 V)

821 Compact Online IC Process Analyzer (230 V)
Order Number: 2.821.0014
Compact Online IC system for the sequential determination of anions or cations from up to 10 sample flows. Equipped with Metrohm Suppressor Module, industrial PC, UPS, modem, control cards. For 230 V.
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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 650/1860/642
Dimensions remark Housing dimensions (rollers and projecting parts not included)

  • Conductivity detector in Faraday cage, temperature stability better than ±0.01 °C
  • Extremely low-pulsation, serial dual-piston pump
  • No external gas supply required
  • Anion determination with or without suppression
  • Detection limits for anions/cations <20 ppb / <50 ppb
  • 10 sample flows
  • 10-way sample selection valve
  • 2-channel peristaltic pump for regenerating and rinsing the suppressor
  • 2-channel peristaltic pump for sample solution or standard
  • UPS support battery for up to 45 min operation during power cut
  • Modem and remote control software
  • Weight approx. 240 kg