Improving your analytics for beverage analysis

Free webinar explores how ion chromatography can help modern quality control labs become more efficient

Over the last few years, attention to food quality and ingredients has seen a massive increase. The food industry has responded to this trend – and so have public authorities. In a free webinar in association with New Food, Dr. Gabriele Zierfels, Senior Product Specialist Ion Chromatography from Metrohm will explore how ion chromatography can help modern quality control labs from the beverage industry comply with official quality and labelling standards and make their daily routine analytics more efficient.

The webinar will start with an overview of the latest analytical techniques used by the beverage industry to comply with quality standards and labelling requirements such as EU regulation 1169/2011 and US regulation 21CFR101. The webinar will then focus at the versatility of ion chromatography for beverage testing and how it can help modern QC labs increase the efficiency of their daily routine analytics. This will be exemplified in the main part of the webinar by numerous application examples.

Key learning objectives of the webinar:

  • Understand the advantages of using ion chromatography over competing methods for beverage analysis
  • Learn how automated inline sample preparation techniques can address the challenge of difficult samples, so they can be analysed completely unattended
  • Establish how ion chromatography works for multi-parameter analysis of beverages
  • Learn about the many possible applications of ion chromatography within beverage analysis.

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Webinar: Beverage analysis with ion chromatography