A new instrument from Metrohm Autolab: VIONIC powered by INTELLO

The only single instrument to offer ± 50V compliance voltage, ± 6 A current and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) up to 10 MHz

VIONIC powered by INTELLO is the new generation instrument created by electrochemical instrumentation innovators Metrohm Autolab. Offering a compact footprint and a sleek and futuristic design never before seen in this category, the VIONIC instrument boasts cutting edge electronics and unique features that improve lab efficiency and safety. The INTELLO software continues Autolab’s reputation as creators of powerful software that understands the objective of today’s researchers – maximum possibilities, pure discovery.

VIONIC powered by INTELLO: product overview, electrochemistry

Supplemental features now included at no additional cost:

  • EIS
  • Analog scan
  • Second Sense (S2)

VIONIC offers unique features that open up possibilities with your research. Selectable Floating making it possible to work with any type of cell setup, independent of the grounding state of the cell components. The Pure Signal Bridge with Adaptive Cables expands your connection possibilities while ensuring signal stability.

Software with time-saving features

VIONIC’s INTELLO software accommodates a variety of researchers with workflows for both exploratory and routine measurements. The Main parameters feature displays only the parameters you choose; streamlining your workflow and making it easy to perform and delegate routine measurements.

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