Optimizing Sample Analysis within the Constraints of Regulatory Methods: taking environmental water analysis to the next level
2/2/2016 2:00 PM - 2/2/2016 3:00 PM

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Optimized workflow integrates all the key elements of EPA IC methods such as sample filtration for the analysis of waste water containing particles, automated calibration, intelligent sample dilution, auto CCV & CCB injection with simple to use hardware.  
In this webinar, Brian Belleffeuille from East Bay Municipal Utility District will explain the importance of the analytical workflow and accuracy of the data to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. We present application examples to demonstrate the productivity and overall cost benefits of implementing optimized IC workflow. 

This webinar describes how instrument automation and workflow optimization leads to effective regulatory compliance and productivity improvement.

Key learning objectives:

  • Most economical way to stay in regulatory & method compliance
  • Understand the method requirements and ways to optimize work flow to improve productivity 
  • Discover how Brian Bellefeuille from East Bay Municipal Utility District approaches regulatory requirements  

Who should attend?

  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical Refinery, Polymer, Food, Electro plating, Paper & Pulp, and other industrial users performing waste water discharge monitoring
  • Municipal water utilities performing drinking water, wastewater and Storm water Management
  • Contract labs performing water analysis as per EPA methods
  • Those who want to learn IC applications for environmental compliance and monitoring