Simplified Sample Preparation: The Prescription for Improving Karl Fischer Titrations
11/10/2015 11:00 AM - 11/10/2015 12:00 PM

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Metrohm Service
Presented by: Lori Carey, Product Manager Titration, Metrohm USA

The quality, effectiveness, and shelf life of pharmaceutical ingredients and lyophilized products is impacted by water content.  Routine Karl Fischer titration is the prescribed technique for measuring residual moisture content to monitor process control, ensure samples are within specification, and optimize freeze-drying processes for lyophilized products.  Learn how proper technique and choosing the right sample extraction procedure can greatly improve the repeatability and accuracy of Karl Fischer titrations.

Key learning objectives:
  • Review basics of Karl Fischer titration parameters
  • Learn tips for proper sample injection and troubleshooting tricks
  • Understand the importance of sample extraction and how to choose the right technique
Who should attend:
  • R&D Scientists and QA/QC Managers from pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceuticals and Nutraceutical industries
  • People involved in method development and process control for pharmaceutical products
  • Those interested in learning about developments in Karl Fischer titration for applications in the pharmaceutical industry