Webinar: OMNIS: A Revolutionary, New Solution for High-Throughput Titration
6/15/2017 11:00 AM - 6/15/2017 12:00 PM (World Wide Web)

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Improving sample throughput and efficiency is a challenge every analytical laboratory faces on a daily basis. Lab managers must decide between duplicating equipment, increasing work hours for laboratory staff or turning samples away. Acidity, alkalinity and pH are common benchmarks for routine monitoring and production control and make up a large portion of the workload for analytical labs. Adjusting to this ever increasing workload while maintaining efficiency is difficult without the proper technology in place.
An ideal laboratory solution is found in OMNIS, the first completely modular, automated titration system that can analyze 4 samples simultaneously. The unique design of this platform allows for up to 60% increase in productivity compared to traditional automated titration systems. In this webinar, Lori Spafford, Product Manager for Titration at Metrohm USA, will demonstrate how this new, modular platform overcomes typical laboratory bottlenecks. Actual customer applications will illustrate how this novel approach to titration can help achieve payback in just a few months.
Key learning objectives:

  • Understand how custom, modular titration positions you for the future.

  • Learn how OMNIS differs from other titration technologies.