The Importance of Titrations in Pharmaceutical Analysis: From the Basics to the Modern Method
2/24/2021 1:00 PM - 2/24/2021 2:00 PM (World Wide Web)

Titration plays an important role in pharmaceutical analysis. Despite the recent attention given to chromatographic methods, several applications are only feasible by titration, making it a fit-for-purpose method for many analytes. For example, distinguishing between carbonate and bicarbonate or monobasic and dibasic phosphate salts can only be accomplished by titration.
Another example for the importance of titration in pharmaceutical analysis is water determination by Karl Fischer (KF) titration. This technique is highly selective for water and sensitive enough to reach to the ppm level. While the industry is already utilizing modern KF titration instruments, many USP monographs still refer to the manual visual endpoint titration methods for other applications.
In this session, pharmaceutical and titration experts come together to review the basics of pharmaceutical titration and explain the benefits of converting to a modern, autotitration analysis method. The live event includes time for a live Q&A where you can pose your specific questions to the experts.