SUR/FIN Manufacturing & Technology Trade Show & Conference
6/4/2018 - 6/6/2018 (Cleveland, OH, United States)

The SUR/FIN Manufacturing & Technology Trade Show & Conference is for those who are involved with enhancing their business offering to work efficiently within the global supply chain network. Who attends SUR/FIN? This event draws professionals who manage production and distribution throughout the world and into the hands of customers. SUR/FIN’s Surface Technology Initiative highlights surface finishing’s crucial contributions to the automotive, aerospace and countless other industries. Attendees receive innovative ideas for building supply systems that increase efficiencies and company profits.

Today, employee training and continuing education are essential for companies to remain successful within the global supply chain network. Through unique conference sessions, NASF SUR/FIN offers in-depth knowledge on complex processes and advanced technologies, as well as a broader understanding of the ever-challenging regulatory landscape. Join more than 1,200 notable leaders, manufacturers and industry organizations, including the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), to obtain the latest information to streamline technology, enhance systems and remain compliant. SUR/FIN provides two full days of hands-on demonstrations and information showcasing the latest technologies and services.