Solutions for Analytical Challenges in Regulated Laboratories - Long Island, NY
5/12/2016 - 5/12/2016 (Long Island, NY, USA)

Who should attend:

Lab managers and technicians in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care manufacturers.


Expensive active ingredients in personal care products, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals require monitoring and testing for impurities. Learn how titration and spectroscopy techniques enable the entire process, from R&D to manufacturing, to be monitored for key parameters. Some techniques are non-destructive and can monitor these parameters in the lab or on production line. Listen to and talk with our experts as we discuss fast assay methods using non-aqueous and surfactant titration. Learn how fast and reliable spectroscopy techniques support the entire value chain. Duration: 4 Hours, lunch to follow.

  • Fast and accurate assay determination using non-aqueous and surfactant titration
  • Reliable & easy-to-implement spectroscopy for analysis from raw material to final product
  • Trace ion analysis in complex matrices using Combustion IC
  • Iron content in sucrose analysis by Voltammetry
  • Reliable online process monitoring during granulation and tableting