Titration Boot Camp Training - October 13-16, 2015
10/13/2015 8:30 AM - 10/16/2015 2:00 PM (Riverview, FL, USA)

IC-Titration Bootcamps

Become the Titration Expert in your lab!

In our intense training bootcamps, your Drill Masters will school you in everything from instrument setup and maintenance, to advanced software capabilities & method development, troubleshooting tips & tricks - and more! Small-classroom style and personalized hands-on exercises make our bootcamps a unique experience. Slots are very limited and they fill up fast, so make sure to register below now.

Location: Tampa, FL
Date: Oct 13-16, 2015
Cost: $500/day* (Choose any number of days. Total Care customers save 50% off all bootcamp registrations.)

Who should attend our Titration Boot Camps?

The focus of the intensive training varies by day. We make it easy for you to target your training to your needs and pick whichever day works best for you.

  • Users of potentiometric or Karl Fischer titration equipment - either computer-controlled or stand-alone
  • Operators of standard, non-complex applications
  • Users who need to know more about electrode use
  • Users of tiamo™ software
  • Users of titration instruments in conjunction with a sample changer/sample processor with software control
  • Standard or more complex applications

What will you learn?

Day 1: Potentiometric Titration - Basic Through Intermediate
  • Electrode theory Practical care & maintenance of electrodes
  • Potentiometric titration theory
  • Different titration types
  • Parameter optimization for more efficient potentiometric titrations
  • Sample handling
  • General instrument maintenance
  • Electrode maintenance & care
  • Basic troubleshooting
  •  Practical workshop and hands-on method optimization
Day 2: Karl Fischer (KF) Titration - Basic Through Intermediate Course
  • Theory of Karl Fischer titration & general chemical reactions
  • Standard procedures for Karl Fischer analysis
  • Definition of the two basic forms of Karl Fischer analysis (volumetric & coulometric)
  • Standard reagent types & variations of Karl Fischer titration
  • Optimization of KF method for best accuracy & precision
  • Sample handling
  • General instrument maintenance
  • Electrode maintenance and care
  • Basic troubleshooting
  •  Practical workshop and hands-on method optimization
Day 3: Titration & Data Management with tiamo Titration Software

  • Addition & configuration of devices, addition of reagents & dosing devices, selection of monitoring options, user administration and security settings
  • Method Overview: saving & recalling information, printing methods and importing/exporting methods
  • Method Development: construct new and edit existing methods, add new commands & tracks, result calculation & report generation, simple automation functions
  • Creation & management of databases, searching for information, manipulation of saved data
  • Workplace Area: GLP & regulatory compliance throughout, system backup, restore and other archival functions
Day 4: Advanced Titration System Automation and Programming with tiamo Software
  • Using Automated Karl Fischer Systems Theory and Procatical Applications: Karl Fischer ovens, direct inject sample handling, Karl Fischer homogenization automation
  • Automated Potentiometric Titrations: Using tiamo for advanced & robust sample handling, system design of automated potentiometric systems
  • Robotic Sample Preparation for Titration and Other Techniques: Using small footprint Metrohm sample changers to automate sample preparation steps including: dilution, sample dispersion, filtration, homogenization, extraction, liquid transfer
  • Controlling Third Party Instruments with tiamo through RS/232

Registration details

We want to make sure that you get out the most from your training. That is why the maximum number of participants is limited.

The course fee includes:

  • Lectures & practical sessions
  • Free lunches