Spectroscopy & Industrial IC Seminar
8/11/2015 - 8/11/2015 (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Seminars & Training
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Has a new person started using your Metrohm equipment?
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Ensuring your team is effectively trained saves time and money. If the results that you obtain are of vital importance to you, then retraining can make all the difference, especially if you are developing new applications. Our dedicated training professionals cover all aspects of ion analysis, together with specialist courses on software packages such as tiamo™. All delegates will be given course material and training certificates. 

Location: Toronto, Canada      Date: 8/11/2015

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Ion Chromatography

  • Importance of column technology & mechanisms of separation
  • Automated sample prep & new combustion IC technology
  • Practical applications for chemical & pharmaceutical industries


Spectroscopy (NIR/Raman)

  • Advantages of using NIR/Raman in your lab
  • Benefits of reagent-free analysis
  • Raw material identification/qualification & what this means for you