Parameter Standard Matrix Method
Base number
ASTM D 4739
Petroleum products 
Potentiometric titration
ASTM D 2896
Petroleum products Potentiometric titration
DIN ISO 3771 Petroleum products  Potentiometric titration
Nitrogenous bases UOP269
Petroleum distillates Potentiometric titration
Acid and base number ASTM D 974
Petroleum products 
Colorimetric titration
Acid number ASTM D 664
Petroleum products 
Potentiometric titration
DIN EN 12634
Petroleum products
Potentiometric titration
Acid number and naphthenic acids UOP565 Petroleum products
Petroleum distillates 
Potentiometric titration
Mercaptan sulfur ASTM D 3227 Automotive fuel, kerosene Potentiometric titration
ISO 3012 Highly volatile distillates
Moderately volatile distillates
Potentiometric titration
H2S ASTM D 2420 Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) Potentiometric titration
H2S, mercaptan sulfur UOP163 Petroleum products Potentiometric titration
Alkalinity, H2S, mercaptans UOP209 Used alkaline petroleum
Potentiometric titration
H2S, mercaptan sulfur, 
carbonyl sulfide
UOP212 Gaseous hydrocarbons
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
Potentiometric titration
Saponification number ASTM D 94 Petroleum products Potentiometric titration
DIN 51559 Crude oil
Insulating oil
Colorimetric titration
Bromine number ASTM D 1159 Petroleum distillates
Aliphatic alkenes
Potentiometric titration
ASTM D 5776 Aromatic hydrocarbons Potentiometric titration
ISO 3839 Petroleum distillates
Potentiometric titration
Bromine number and bromine index UOP304 Hydrocarbons Potentiometric titration
Bromine index ASTM D 2710 Petroleum hydrocarbons Potentiometric titration
Hydroxyl number ASTM E 1899 Aliphatic and cyclic
Potentiometric titration
DIN 53240 Resins, raw materials for varnishes,
primary alcohols, glycols, fat
Potentiometric titration
Organic, inorganic and 
total chlorine content
UOP588 Hydrocarbons Potentiometric titration
Organic chlorine content ASTM D 4929 Crude oil Potentiometric titration
Salinity ASTM D 6470 Crude oil Potentiometric titration
Water content DIN 51777-1/2 Petroleum hydrocarbons
Coulometric KFT
Volumetric KFT
ASTM D 4377 Crude oil Volumetric KFT
ASTM D 4928 Crude oil Coulometric KFT
ASTM E 1064 Crude oil
Organic solvents
Lubricating oil
Coulometric KFT
ASTM D 6304 Petroleum products Coulometric KFT
ASTM D 1364 Highly volatile solvents Volumetric KFT
ASTM D 890 Turpentine Azeotropic distillation, KFT
ASTM E 203 General Volumetric KFT
ISO 10336 Crude oil Volumetric KFT
ISO 10337 Crude oil Coulometric KFT
ISO 12937 Petroleum products Coulometric KFT
ISO 6296 Petroleum products Volumetric KFT
Oxidation stability EN 14112 Fatty acid methyl esters (B100) Oxidation stability
EN 15751 Fatty acid methyl esters
Diesel fuel blends
Oxidation stability
Inorganic chloride and sulfate DIN EN 15492,
ASTM D 7319,
ASTM D 7328
Ethanol as a blending
component in gasoline
Ion chromatography
Free and total glycerol content ASTM D 7591 Biodiesel blends Ion chromatography
Sulfur, heavy metals  – Gasoline, ethanol Voltammetry
pH value, conductivity, and
parameters that can be determined
by titration and voltammetry
Petroleum products Process analysis

KFT = Karl Fischer Titration