Innovative Technologies to Improve Your Process and Protect Your Plant


Refineries are complex operations that convert crude oil into a range of products. Optimizing the production process to improve yield and maximize the profitability is a key objective of any refinery. 

A recent study found that losses due to corrosion can approach $12 billion USD per year. Protecting refineries from the damage of corrosion due to the sulfur, chloride and other organic acids is important from both a safety and a profitability standpoint. 

Metrohm offers innovative analytical methodologies to improve process efficiency and to protect against corrosion to maximize profitability.

Improving Your Plant

In order to refine crude oil and process natural gas into diverse petrochemical products, complex processes are required. From crude oil distillation to cracking and desulfurization, maximizing throughput while optimizing fractionation and energy efficiency are required to achieve economical, reliable and safe productive operations. Continual process parameters monitoring through fast and reliable measurements are important to achieve safety and regulatory compliance.

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Protecting Your Plant

Corrosion is common in the petrochemical industry, particularly in the areas of production, transport, and refining. It is driven by the chemical composition of the raw materials, high pressure and temperature along with the use of salt and can lead to increased production costs. Corrosion damage represents a constant danger for workers and refining, processing and transporting infrastructure. To prevent corrosion, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the process and utilize innovative and improved methodologies.

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