Alkalinity & hardness in process and make-up water for the production of beer

Beer is a popular beverage consumed by millions of people for enjoyment, despite its humble beginnings as a water purification technique in pre-modern times. Brewing beer requires large amounts of water which must adhere to strict alkalinity, hardness, and pH parameters to ensure uniformity in flavor and appearance between each batch. Alkalinity is introduced by carbonates and hydroxides in water which raise and buffer the pH. Hardness, balanced to a large degree by the alkalinity, comes from Ca and Mg ions, mainly present as hydrogen carbonates.

Depending on the concentration ranges, the 2035 Process Analyzer or the ADI 2045TI are ideally suited for the fully automatic execution of these important analyses, as well as additional parameters like pH or conductivity. Our analyzers can signal the plant’s distribution system to correct the water chemistry, ensuring consistent product quality. In addition to alkalinity and water hardness, numerous other parameters can also be determined (conductivity, etc.).