Fully automated sample preparation for the content determination of tablets

Benzbromaron is one of the main uricosuric drugs currently used. In addition to sophisticated and expensive LC-MS and GC-MS methods, benzbromaron can be effectively determined by titration with sodium hydroxide solution using a straightforward, fully automated sample preparation method. A high-frequency homogenizer comminutes one or three tablets within 90 or 120 s respectively. The overall analysis time is 8 minutes. Ten-fold determinations with one and three tablets resulted in a benzbromaron content of 99.2 and 98.7 mg per tablet respectively. Increasing the number of tablets from one to three lowers the RSD from 1.36 to 0.88%. These results show an excellent agreement with the benzbromaron content indicated by the manufacturer (approx. 100 mg/tablet).Besides the presented Titrando/homogenizer combination, the other two members of the 815 Robotic Soliprep Sample Processor family offer comprehensive sample preparation possibilities within the fields of IC, HPLC, ICP or voltammetry.