Tips for measuring oxidation stability with the Rancimat

The Rancimat and the Biodiesel Rancimat are used for determining the oxidation stability of fats and oils or biodiesel. Here you can obtain several practical tips for measuring the oxidation stability with the Rancimat method.

Get reliable results with your Rancimat work: We have tips from our daily practice for you to download.

Metrohm offers two instruments for the easy and reliable determination of the oxidation stability of natural fats/ oils and biodiesel, respectively.

The method, which is also known as Rancimat method or Rancimat test, is the same in both cases. It is based on a simple reaction kinetics principle, according to which the rate of a chemical reaction (in this case the oxidation of the fatty acids) can be accelerated by increasing the temperature.

The quality and reproducibility of the results is influenced by the measurement preparationsand the condition of the accessories. Our practical experiences with handling Rancimats have been collected and published on our website.

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