Free Webinar: Advances in Photovoltaics & DSSC Research - Postponed!
1/1/0001 - 1/1/0001

This webinar has been postponed till further notice. We sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Solar power is one of the most feasible & sustainable solution in the world to meet the ever-increasing demands for renewable energy. For the past decade, the researchers in the area of solar cell development have been never more active in publishing high quality publications to replace our pre-existing and heavily expensive Si-based solar cells. 

We hereby invite you for an educational webinar hosted by Metrohm Singapore entitled “Advances in Photovoltaics & DSSC Research” on featuring:

• A review on advancement in DSSC & Perovskite solar cell research in Pacific-Asia.

• Modern day research requirements of a Solar Cell researcher

• Solar cell characterization techniques: I-V, Charge-extraction, EIS, IMPS, IMVS & more

• Photo-electrochemical Water-splitting and advanced solutions such P-SECM

Dr. Ritesh N Vyas

The Speaker 

Dr. Ritesh Vyas is a Ph.D in electrochemistry from Lamar University, TX. Since 2008, he has been a Senior Scientist at Whirlpool Corp. followed by a Product Manager for electrochemistry at Metrohm USA & India. During past 10 years, he has been an active ambassador of ‘applied’ electrochemistry education at a variety of international shows / conferences across the globe. Just recently awarded as one of the global experts for electrochemistry instrumentation, currently he is MSPL Asia Pacific Product Manager for electrochemistry.