At Metrohm, we don’t just sell titrators. We provide titration solutions.

Titration is known to be a common analytical method and is well-accepted in laboratories worldwide as a primary method. Nevertheless, the increasing sample throughput in the last decades shows more and more why it is beneficial to automate lab analysis.

At Metrohm, we provide Titration solutions to suit every industries applications. We offer a wide range of Automatic Titrators from a standalone autotitrator setup and all the way up to a fully automated titration system to process hundreds of samples a day via parallel multi-parameters.

Most common applications are Acid Base,
Karl Fischer, Redox, precipitation, complexometric and colorimetric titrations that we regularly automate to provide higher precision and improved reproducibility for our customers.

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Have a look at the broad choice of electrodes Metrohm offers for virtually any conceivable application.

Metrohm electrodes

Sample preparation

Automated liquid handling, homogenization, and analysis: save time with a sample preparation solution from Metrohm.

Sample preparation