IIT- Bombay Young Chemist Travel Award

Environment: Be it, Live it and Love it.

Environment is not a home only to humans but to several other species on the planet including green life. It is the realm of life. But pollution has structured itself into numerous extensions which are causing threat to life by affecting the environment. One of the most dangerous pollutant is plastic . The alarming levels of plastic pollution is causing death of various species on land, water and air, as the chemical structure of most plastics renders them resistant to many natural processes of degradation, hence they are slow to degrade and highly hazardous. Unfortunately, none other than humans are contributing to this lethal trap of death which has widened over a period of time. Now humans are also at risk and it has become important to take effective measures to control plastic pollution at this level before it engulfs the entire planet and replaces life on earth.
Adulteration : From natural to man made.

Desire to more is the root cause of adulteration. Food adulteration is an emerging issue in today s world and humans are falling prey to it. The nutrition is compromised in the process by either lowering the quality of food by the addition of inferior quality material or by extraction of valuable ingredient. It not only includes the intentional addition or substitution of the substances but biological and chemical contamination during the period of growth, storage, processing, transport and distribution of the food products, is also responsible for the degradation of the quality of food products.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay organizes Young Chemist Travel Award

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) commemorates the DIAMOND JUBILEE of the institute by organizing "Young Chemist Travel Award", in association with Metrohm India Limited. This special occasion is a tribute to the various researches done in the past and a privileged platform for young aspiring minds in the scientific fraternity. With an objective to support and honor the ongoing contributions made in this field, we are pleased to announce the technical poster presentation competition in the premises. Let the world know about the bright minds and their scientific contribution to the society. The Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay, invites registrations for technical poster presentation on subjects stated below:

Day 1 – Hazards of plastic use in environment.
Day 2 – Adulteration in food.

Take an opportunity to present your research paper to the distinguished jury members and get a chance to win exciting educational trip to International Research Conference, sponsored by Metrohm India (Conditions apply).


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IIT-B Young Chemist Travel award: Terms and Conditions*

  • Contestants should be an Indian Citizen residing in India and he should be under Resident Status in the Income Tax Act, at the time of application.
  • Maximum age Limit – 35 Years.
  • This contest is open to undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, or PhD / Research scholars, enrolled at an academic institution located in India.
  • Research paper submitted by the contestant must demonstrate novel research or an innovative approach on the subject stated above.
  • An abstract of contestant work, must be submitted online with detailed contact information, before / by the last date of submission.
  • Last date of submission is September 30, 2018 ( 5 p.m). Any entries submitted after 17:00 hrs shall not be considered.
  • Our jury will be a panel of experts from scientific and industrial fraternity, whose decision is final and binding, will choose three winners.
  • The FIRST WINNER will win a free trip to any International Research Conference , inclusive of free transportation, lodging, and participation fees [costs for any travel companion(s) is the responsibility of the winner and will not be borne by the company]
  • In case of any dispute, the company has the right to make the final decision.