Webinar: Advances in Spectro-Electrochemistry
27-10-2017 13:00 - 27-10-2017 14:00 (India)

For a typical redox reaction, electrochemical analysis by itself will only provide some basic idea about its kinetics along with the total number of ions/electrons transferred. We still wouldn’t be able to identify the unknown species or radicals that may have formed as intermediates during the reaction. But if we combine the reaction-based electrochemistry with species-based spectroscopy we get a powerful hybrid technique such as Spectro-electrochemistry. Being a cost-effective and easy to operate method, in past two decades this technique has evolved as a powerful tool to yield mechanistic (chemistry), energy-relevant (electro) and molecular information for a variety of reactions studied in artificial photo-synthesis, electro-chromism, hydrogen generation, CO2 reduction and much more.

We hereby invite you for an educational webinar hosted by Metrohm India Ltd. entitled “Advances in Spectro-Electrochemistry” on Friday 27th October at 1:00 pm (IST) featuring:

  • Introduction to Spectro-Electrochemistry (SEC)
  • Combining Electrochemistry with UV, NIR and Raman spectroscopies
  • Examples of selected articles published in 2017 showing SEC applications
Webinar details:
  • Speaker: Dr. Ritesh N Vyas (Electrochemistry - Product Manager, Metrohm India)

  • Date: October 27, 2017

  • Time: 13:00 – 14:00

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