Advances in Sensor Research
11-06-2018 16:00 - 11-06-2018 17:00 (India)

Over the past decade in India, the research in electrochemical and bio-sensor development has seen an exponential growth. With an aim to provide highly customized solutions in amperometric, enzymatic, immuno and genosensor research, over the past decade, Metrohm DropSens has been providing the most diversified product offerings. In this webinar, we summarize the recent advances for electrochemical sensor development in pharmaceutical, environmental, clinical and related fields to overview:

• Research Requirements for Modern Day Biosensor Researcher
• Pre-modified Sensor Platforms & EC Based ELISA Analysis
• Advanced Characterization using Spectro-Electrochemistry
• Review of Selected Articles Published in 2018

Webinar details:

Topic: Advances in Sensor Research

Speaker: Dr. Ritesh N Vyas (Product Manager - Electrochemistry, Metrohm India Ltd.)

Date: June 11, 2018

Time: 16:00 – 17:00 hrs (IST)

Webinar: Advances in Sensor Research

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