Metrohm Application Training Programme in Particle Characterization
28-03-2019 09:30 - 29-03-2019 18:00 (Chennai, India)

Course Overview** :

Particle Characterization module is well-packed with important information and tips on particle size & shape and surface area analysis, coupled with intensive practical sessions to give you hands-on experience of the systems. Not only does it focus on procedures, maintenance and trouble shooting, but also aims at method development for your customized applications to enhance your skills to the next level.

Particle size and shape - concepts, instrumentation and applications : 

  • Dry particles and slurry sampling and preparation
  • Data interpretation and explanation
  • Laboratory experiments reinforce class periods
  • Diffraction and dynamic light scattering, zeta potential and other characterization concepts and their uses
  • ISO, validation and 21CFR Part 11 certification issues
  • Maintenance
  • Terminology used in particle science
  • Software
  • One-on-one advice from Microtrac lab experts

Surface area - concepts, instrumentation and applications : 

  • Adsorption theory
  • Physisorption : technique, applications
  • Chemisorption : technique, applications
  • BEL instruments : overview
  • Sample analysis and trouble shooting 
Venue: Metrohm India Head office, Chennai

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