Battery & Super-capacitor Research Studies

In past 10 years, battery research & development sector has taken a paradigm shift in India – the revolution in electric vehicle manufacturing accompanied with a new government that is heavily investing in battery research labs are some of the very clear indicators. Given below are some highlights of the notable advances in battery & super-capacitor research, coupled with analytical solutions from Metrohm.

List of shortlisted publications 

Synthesis & Characterization of Solid-Liquid Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries 

"Development of ionic liquid and lithium salt immobilized MCM-41 quasi solid-liquid electrolytes for lithium batteries" - Alok KumarTripathi, Rajendra Kumar Singh; Volume 15, February 2018, Pages 283-291

One of our customers at Banaras Hindu University has synthesized & tested a novel Li-Ion battery electrolyte with outstanding electrochemical properties. The Autolab PGSTAT 302 equipped Nova - EIS has been used to evaluate the ‘true’ ionic conductivity with ionic transference parameters. Download paper

What we offer..

Metrohm offers Autolab RHD Microcell HC - a customized solution for hassle-free Arrhenius Plot generation for battery electrolyte conductivity. 
It has a temperature controller and a cell stage with Peltier element, and is designed to accomodate a large choice of specially designed electrochemical cells.

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Testing Durability for Battery Anodes 

"Bi-metal organic framework derived nickel manganese oxide spinel for lithium-ion battery anode"  - Sandipan Maiti, Atin Pramanik,Tanumoy Dhawa, Monjoy Sreemany, Sourindra Mahanty; Volume 229, March 2018, Pages 27-36

A group of researchers at CSIR, Kolkata have successfully tested a heteroatom ternary metal-oxide complex for potential applications at battery anodes. Both Autolab PGSTAT 302N & Arbin Battery Tester BT-2000 has proven to be an ideal combination for this work. Download paper here

New Product - High Precision Columbic Tester

Arbin Instruments, Ford Motor Company and Sandia National Lab (USA) have collaborated on an ARPA-E project to develop a High-Precision, high-power battery tester capable of 50 ppm columbic efficiency precision at up to 200A.

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Enhancing Specific Energy and Power in Asymmetric Super capacitors

"Enhancing Specific Energy and Power in Asymmetric Supercapacitors - A Synergetic Strategy based on the Use of Redox Additive Electrolytes"
 - Arvinder Singh & Amreesh Chandra; Scientific Reports volume 6, Article number: 25793 (2016)

In this scientific report from Nature, a research team at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – India have successfully shown redox additive electrolytes in combination with multiwall carbon nanotubes/metal oxide composites as ideal candidates for improving specific energy and power of asymmetric super-capacitors (ASCs). Important electrochemical measurements such as EIS, CV, and Galvanostatic charge-discharge were performed using PGSTAT 302N-EIS equipped with automated specific capacitance calculator. 

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Application note 

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