Reliable online TOC measurements

The 7010 TOC Analyser is designed for simple and reliable operation.

It uses the UV persulfate oxidation method with carbon dioxide detection by non dispersive infrared analysis. This analyser requires minimum maintenance due to a cleverly designed liquids compartment which uses larger diameter tubing and no valves, virtually eliminating the risk of blockages.

TOC Analyzer

Key features

  • Online TOC/TC measurements: safe and reliable
  • Low maintenance through smart design
  • Flexible system to meet your requirements

TOC: a crucial parameter

Total Organic Carbon is a frequently measured parameter in many industries and fields, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, power and energy, petrochemical, and pulp and paper industries or at airports and in environmental monitoring. This parameter is used for monitoring drinking and surface water, waste discharges, and run-off as well as controlling some internal processes. 
  • Wide concentration: 0–5 to 0–500 mg/L C – can be extended up to 0–20000 mg/L with an external dilutor.
  • Dual compartment design keeps liquids and electronics completely separated.
  • Integrated gas management – internal compressors means no external gas services needed.
  • Digital and analog outputs for full integration into site operations.
  • Intuitive color touch screen for easy setup and for monitoring important process values.

Be confident of performance

Calibration is a simple three-step process.

Once running, three auto functions – Calibration, Validation, or Clean – can be activated at any time or day as selected by the operator. Automatic ZEROGAS checks can be programmed.

Select from a list of status messages the remote diagnostic information on the analyser or sample line you would like to receive. An additional alarm will signal a critical fault.

More flexibility needed?

As well as single-channel analysers, dual-channel and dual-range options are available.

Where fast response is important the 7010 TOC can be configured for Total Carbon (TC) measurements. Higher levels of chloride in the sample can be managed by adding an additional reagent. External dilutors and filter assemblies as well as other accessories meet every need.