KF Evaporator

KF Evaporator
Order number: 2.136.0200

The KF Evaporator is used for sample preparation in Karl Fischer titration by means of azeotropic distillation.

As with the oven method, the water is separated from the sample matrix. Because the sample itself remains in the evaporation chamber, the titration vessel and the electrodes are not contaminated. Furthermore, unwanted side reactions and matrix effects are avoided.

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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 220/265/340
  • Brochure: Food Analysis - Quality control in the food and beverage industry (english)
    • Prospectus: Analyse agroalimentaire - Le contrôle qualité dans l’industrie des aliments et des boissons (français)
    • Prospekt: Lebensmittelanalytik - Qualitätskontrolle von Nahrungsmittel (deutsch)
    • Folleto: Análisis de alimentos - Control de calidad en la industria de alimentos y bebidas (español)
  • Brochure: KF Evaporator (english)
    • Prospekt: KF Evaporator (deutsch)
  • Manual for 21360200 KF Evaporator (english)

Download the complete Scope of Delivery and Optional Accessories for as PDF:

  • Evaporation chamber for KF Evaporator
    Evaporation chamber for KF Evaporator
  • Septum for KF-Evaporator 10x
    Septum for KF-Evaporator 10x
  • Transfer tubing for KF Evaporator
    Transfer tubing for KF Evaporator