942 Extension Modules – complex applications made easy

Complex applications may require sophisticated liquid handling and/or Inline Sample Preparation Techniques.

To this end, your Professional IC Vario system may be extended at any time by various versions of the 942 Extension Modules.

Extending your Professional IC Vario system will not require any additional bench space, as the respective Modules are simply inserted on top or beneath the instrument.

IC Extension Modules with operator
Depending on the application, dedicated Extension Modules may be used:
  • for Inline Filtration, Dilution, Dialysis, Preconcentration or Neutralization
  • to run high-pressure gradients
  • for multi-channel analysis
  • to configure custom systems, e.g., in combination with other analytical techniques such as HPLC, MS, or ICP/MS
  • for multi-port sampling
  • to add another suppressor

Extension Modules systems (10)

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Two suppressed measuring channels for higher sample throughput

You may extend your Metrohm IC system with a 942 Extension module for suppression at any time.

This way, you can increase sample throughput by determining your target analytes in parallel (anion-anion analysis). Moreover, this backs up availability of your installed base.

940 Professional IC Vario with IC Conductivity Detector and 942 Extension Modules