Portable potentiostats: The world of electrochemistry in your hands

910 PSTAT mini with operator
Portable Line potentiostats/galvanostats combine electrochemical research in the laboratory with on-site research using well-established electrochemical techniques.

These small and affordable portable instruments enable you to develop applications for your specific research needs. Portable Line instruments are an ideal solution in many research areas, such as (bio)sensor, corrosion, or (bio)fuel cell.

As various instrument versions as well as configuration and control options are available, you will find the perfect instrument for your electrochemistry specifications.

Key features

  • Small and portable
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software
  • Covering all main electrochemical techniques
  • Full set of accessories included
  • Connectivity through digital and analog I/O ports and Bluetooth

Pocket-size PC-controlled potentiostats

Take electrochemistry into your own hands. As these instruments are small in size, you can run experiments anywhere you want, in the field or the lab. Connect the instrument, start the software, and you’re good to go.

The instruments come with a transport case containing a full set of accessories.

Get the right instrument for your requirements

DropSens potentiostat/galvanostat instruments come in a variety of versions to match your experimental requirements.

Depending on the instrument version (910 PSTATmini, STAT200, STAT300, STAT400) you can perform potentiostatic and/or galvanostatic techniques, such as CV, SWV, AD, OCP, LPR for corrosion research, and many more.

Our instruments can be operated with low-maintenance, disposable electrodes or with conventional electrodes.

Save time performing multiple measurements

With multichannel portable potentiostats, you can perform multiple independent measurements with a high number of combinations.

Enjoy full flexibility in your experimental setup thanks to Bluetooth connection and optional battery operation: Connect the potentiostat to the intuitive DropView software without a data or power cable.

Multichannel instruments are available with 4 or 8 channels and cover a wide range of techniques (potentiostat and/or galvanostat).

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Electrochemical signals … and more

The µStat ECL instrument allows you to perform synchronized electrochemical and electrochemiluminescence analysis. You can thus measure optical signals in addition to electrochemical signals and have all results displayed in the DropView software.

The µStat ECL also works as an independent portable bipotentiostat/ galvanostat.

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910 PSTAT mini – The ideal kit for electrochemistry training and education

For training and education purposes, we offer a dedicated package that includes everything you need to get started in the world of electrochemistry: the 910 PSTAT mini. It is easy and intuitive to operate, comes with all accessories that are required for operation, and can perform most fundamental electrochemical methods.

The 910 PSTAT mini uses disposable screen-printed thick-film electrodes, which makes electrode preparation and maintenance unnecessary. The sensors incorporate the working electrode (carbon, gold, or platinum), a silver reference electrode, and a carbon auxiliary electrode. You can use the disposable electrode as long as it provides accurate results. When the accuracy decreases, simply plug in a new sensor.

The training package is supplemented with the Metrohm monograph “Electrochemistry — A workbook for 910 PSTAT mini” (see below).

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Monograph "Electrochemistry" – the training course in a pocketbook

Monograph Electrochemistry cover page

Given the increased importance of electrochemistry in specialized fields, students have to be appropriately trained. Being small in size, affordable, and easy to use, portable potentiostats are a perfect tool for training and education purposes.

Therefore, the 910 PSTAT mini instrument comes with the Metrohm monograph "Electrochemistry – A workbook for 910 PSTAT mini". Ten experiments that are easy to reproduce are described in detail with parameters and reagent list as well as example results. These experiments describing fundamental phenomena of electrochemical analytics can be easily carried out with the 910 PSTAT mini and the electrodes supplied.

DropSens electrodes

We offer a wide range of disposable screen-printed and interdigitated electrodes.

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Reagents for electrochemistry

Check out our range of reagents and nanomaterials for electrochemistry.

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DropView software

Dedicated software for experimental control, results display, and data management.

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Cells for electro-chemistry

Find the appropriate cells for your research with screen-printed electrodes here.

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