Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode

Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode
Order number: 6.0736.110

Ag/AgCl reference electrode, length 160 mm, Metrohm plug-in head B, exchangeable electrolyte

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Bridge electrolyte type variable
Diaphragm Ground-joint diaphragm
Electrode plug-in head Metrohm plug-in head B
Electrolyte outflow (µL/h) with reference to 3 mol/L KCl 5...50
Max. installation length (mm) 178
Min. immersion depth (mm) 10
Reference electrolyte type variable
Reference resistance (kΩ) with reference to 3 mol/L KCl <3
Reference system Ag wire/AgCl
SGJ sleeve flexible SGJ sleeve
Shaft diameter bottom (mm) 6.4
Shaft diameter top (mm) 12
Shaft material Glass
Temperature range, long-term (°C) 0 ... 80
Temperature range, short-term (°C) 0 ... 80