NH3-selective gas membrane electrode (high conc.)

NH3-selective gas membrane electrode (high conc.)
Order number: 6.0506.150

Combined ammonia-selective gas membrane electrode for low concentrations >10-4 mol/L, e.g.:

  • in waste water
  • in oil-containing samples
  • for long-term measurements

Contaminated membranes can be easily replaced individually at a low price.

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Electrode plug-in head Metrohm plug-in head G
Indicator electrode shape Flat
Indicator electrode type NH3-permeable foil
Max. installation length (mm) 123
Measuring range 10 -4 ... 1
Measuring unit mol/L
Min. immersion depth (mm) 5
pH range 11
SGJ sleeve Flexible SGJ sleeve
Shaft diameter bottom (mm) 12
Shaft diameter top (mm) 12
Shaft material PEEK/POM
Shaft material (completion) Sleeve made of POM
Temperature range, long-term (°C) 0 ... 50
Temperature range, short-term (°C) 0 ... 50