Separate Ag-rod electrode with AgBr coating

Separate Ag-rod electrode with AgBr coating
Order number: 6.0331.010BR

This metal electrode has to be used in combination with a reference electrode (c(KNO3) = 1 mol/L as reference electrolyte) and is well suited for precipitation titrations (titrant silver nitrate). The robust shaft made of polypropylene and the metal rod can be replaced separately. The silver rod is coated with bromide (AgBr) for higher sensitivity.

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  • Ag/AgCl reference electrode (length 12.5 cm)
    Ag/AgCl reference electrode (length 12.5 cm)

    Silver / silver chloride reference electrode shielded with titanium shield with double junction system, installation length 10 cm.
    This reference electrode is well suited for:

    • non-aqueous samples
    • differential potentiometry

    The SGJ 14/15 enables easy assembly and the flexible ground-joint diaphragm, which is insensitive to contamination, can be easily replaced. The reference and bridge electrolyte can be freely selected according to the application and are easy to exchange. This sensor is delivered without electrolyte filling.

  • Electrode shaft
    Electrode shaft
    Electrode shaft for separate metal pin electrodes
  • Strand / 1 m / 2 x B
    Strand / 1 m / 2 x B
    Electrode cable with 2 x plug B (4 mm) for connecting electrodes with plug-in head B
  • Electrolyte KNO3-1mol/L 250 mL
    Electrolyte KNO3-1mol/L 250 mL
    Electrolyte solution KNO3 1 M (reference electrolyte for combined silver electrodes)