Special Offer: MIRA - M1                           Free Upgrade & Software + Free Service

Mira: analyzing a liquid through an amber bottle

The Mira-M1 - Metrohm Instant Raman Analyser 

The new, smartphone -sized handheld Mira M-1 combines the patented Orbital-Raster-Scan (ORS) sampling technique with a ground-breaking dual-core processor to identify solid and liquid substances unambiguously within seconds and with certainty - even heterogeneous mixtures.

Fully equipped with comprehensive on-board libraries. Users can customise libraries and unleash the full potential of the Mira M-1 with the intuitive Mira Cal software.

Available in 2 measuring modes: Point and Shoot & Integrated vial mode

Special offer!

Offer Includes Advance Package Upgrade:

Get the advanced Mira M-1 including vial holder, vial set, 2 point and shoot

adapters and laser safety glasses (785 nm) for the price of Basic Package.


  • Free Mira Cal Software SAVE £1500
  • Free training & set-up
  • 1 year warranty - option to extend
  • 1st year service included
  • Support from dedicated Raman Application Specialist

For more details please contact us where we will be delighted to provide further information upon request or arrange for an on-site demonstration

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*Offer ends 30/06/2016