New Paper: Uric Acid Determination
03/08/2015 15:55

New paper published:

Uric Acid Determination by Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry on Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Based Screen-Printed Electrodes

Abstract: A sensitive electroanalytical methodology for the determination of uric acid in real samples using adsorptivevoltammetry at a multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) modified screen printed electrode (SPCE) ispresented. Adsorption of uric acid takes place at open circuit potential at an optimized pH 5.0. Studies about the effect of accumulation time and scan rate on the analytical signal were developed and confirm the adsorption nature of the electrodic process. Quantitative analysis of uric acid by using its oxidation process at +0.18 V (vs. an Ag pseudoreference electrode) was carried out with an accumulation time of 5 min. Thus, a linear voltammetric based reproducible determination of uric acid (RSD 5%) in the range 1–100 mM was obtained. The method was then successfully used for the determination of uric acid in real clinical samples of urine without detection of interferences. The proposed methodology only requires a dilution of the real sample and present advantages as low cost and easy handling for non specialized technicians.

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