tiamo Multi
19/09/2016 12:54

The latest FDA/MHRA requirements have presented a large challenge to the modern GxP compliant lab. 

The push for electronic record keeping with fully 21 CFR Pt 11 compliance has been present for some time. Recent changes to the regulations have put further complexities in place, requiring data backup to be carried out automatically, frequently and outside of the laboratory environment.

The requirement for protecting against loss of data from the failure of PCs running “stand alone” has prompted the rise of client/server setups for centrally protecting data as soon as analysis has completed.

Metrohm’s class leading tiamo software offers a complete, compliant option for your entire Karl Fischer and Titration systems.  Compatible with all Metrohm Titrando & Titrino models, tiamo Multi can be fully executed in a client/server environment and has been validated on both physical and virtual server environments.

Key features…

  • Fully validated 21 CFR Pt 11 compliant
  • Industry standard, installed in the majority of major pharma producers & contract manufacturers
  • Includes hundreds of validated raw material titration methods, according to USP/EP, with system control, calculations & SOPs pre-programmed
  • Intuitive & flexible graphical interface
  • Unlimited user access levels customisable down to specific menu items
  • Traceability/audit trail on entire system, as well as on individual method/determination versions.  All determination parameters stored with the result.
  • Shared user login/methods/results available across all clients
  • Export directly to LIMs systems with customisable file formats to fit any software

To assist our customers in staying ahead of the regulatory curve, Metrohm is offering tiamo Multi at a discounted rate both as an upgrade for a stand alone licence (including validated transfer of data) or as a fresh installation to upgrade touch control/keypad controlled instruments.

For a limited time, receive a 20% discount on tiamo Multi and reduced IQ/OQ costs...


tiamo Full to Multi Upgrade (includes 3 client licences):                             £3,980.78*

tiamo Multi Fresh Installation (includes 3 client licences):                          £8,303.57*

Additional client licences (x1):                                                                       £1,741.53*

*price excludes VAT


For further information contact us:  info@metrohm.co.uk | 01928 579 600