South East Water Recommend Metrohm Ion Chromatography
12/05/2017 09:49

A very robust system which I highly recommend”

John Robertson, Senior Chemist
Water Quality
South East Water

South East Water supplies top quality drinking water to 2.1 million customers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.  In our latest video see why they recommend Metrohm for ion chromatography.

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We run a range of different methods on our Metrohm IC, we have a separate Bromate Method using post column reagent and a Oxyhalide method currently analysing; Fluoride, Chloride, Chlorite and Bromide. We measure a range of samples including potable water, surface waters and ground waters.

We like the Metrohm IC system as it has a single auto sampler which allows us to run both methods simultaneously. Another key feature we find is reagent used for the Oxyhalides is continuous auto regeneration, so we don’t have to worry about constantly filling up reagent..

Another benefit is that we don’t use many consumables and still have the precision and recovery as the validation period.  Metrohm Customer Support is very good. The Engineers and Application Specialists can be contacted directly to arrange a site visit, no need to go through call centres.

Metrohm Solution:  Metrohm 940 Professional IC Vario with 858 IC Auto sampler