Assurance in your instrument from the get-go
20/10/2016 15:41

When purchasing any new instrument, it is important that end-users verify that their instrument is working and measuring correctly before running operations.

Not only are routine calibration checks vital for ongoing accurate measurements and quality assurance purposes, but an initial calibration check is a crucial first-step with any new instrument: allowing you to establish that your new instrument is running correctly and avoid any wastage of time and operation resources.
Receive a free Calibration Kit…

When you purchase a Metrohm titration system for TAN/TBN determination you will automatically receive a complimentary Calibration Kit courtesy of Paragon Scientific Ltd upon delivery of your new system.

This sample calibration kit is purposefully designed to be used as an initial instrument verification check and calibration purposes, specifically for the analysis of Total Acid Number (TAN) and Total Base Number (TBN).

Each calibration kit includes three sample calibration standards for High, Medium and Low measurement ranges for either Total Acid Number or Total Base Number applications, which have been manufactured by Paragon Scientific Ltd, a UK-based reference material producer and specialist.

Both sets of calibration kits are specifically manufactured for the verification of analytical instruments used to determine acid number or base number by potentiometric titration. Typically used in, but not limited to, the analysis of used oils and lubricants.

About Paragon Scientific 

Paragon Scientific Ltd has rapidly grown into its current form as a world-leading reference material manufacturer and specialist since founded in 1994. Their range of certified reference materials and calibration standards include, but are not limited to, Density, Flash Point, Liquid Colour, Refractive Index, TAN/TBN and Viscosity standards. 

Paragon Scientific’s products are suitable for a wide-range of applications and multiple industries, predominantly in the petrochemical industry, which they serve both directly from their headquarters in the UK and via their appointed worldwide distributor network. Paragon Scientific are committed to develop, manufacture and supply the highest quality standards and reference materials available in the marketplace. They have proudly developed an international reputation synonymous with quality, prompt delivery, affordability, and first class customer service.

A combination of advanced manufacturing techniques, the use of Primary laboratory test equipment and their acute attention to detail enables them to produce reference materials with some of the lowest levels of uncertainty of measurement available. 

Paragon Scientific hold dual accreditation status under The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to international standards of ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34. Their dual ISO Guide 34 / ISO 17025 accreditations under UKAS provide unprecedented quality assurance on a global scale and allows them to produce what is known as the “Gold Standard” of Certified Reference Materials and Calibration Standards.

Their vast knowledge in the manufacture of reference materials, the robust certification process they adopt and their commitment for best practice, means that the highest levels of product integrity and customer confidence are achieved.

For more information on Paragon Scientific’s range of calibration standards, please do not hesitate to visit their website at