How to convert from manual to automated titration procedures
09/04/2021 00:30

Webinar gives best practice guidelines for modernizing pharmaceutical assay testing

Titration is an important analytical method that is widely used for pharmaceutical assay testing. However, even though such tests are nowadays mostly performed utilising digital instrumentation and software, USP general chapter <541> still refers to manual visual endpoint titration. Recently, also US Pharmacopoeia has published recommendations for converting manual titrations into automated titration procedures.

This webinar on May 18, 2021 will give attendees clear guidelines how to convert manual titration methods into automated titrations and how these methods can be validated. Attendees of this webinar will learn and know:

  • The risks of manual handling of titrants and solutions and how to avoid them
  • How automated titration can help save hours of tedious manual work every week
  • How modern titration instruments and software support data integrity and regulatory compliance
  • What kind of equipment is needed for automating the methods covered by USP general chapter <541>
  • How to validate automated titrations according to the guidelines of USP general chapter <1225>

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From manual to automated titration