Improving Efficiency with Metrohm NIRS
29/10/2015 15:00

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Improving Efficiency. How can we do this? 

Essentially by reducing business risks and reducing costs; Metrohm NIR Spectroscopy offers the perfect combination of rapid non-destructive analysis, advanced process control, data management and increased process knowledge in real-time to reduce both at the same time.

If you are interested in a solution that pays for itself then read on...

Driving Productivity and Efficiency with NIR

Real-time monitoring of chemical composition both in the laboratory and more importantly in-situ in the process allows a manufacturing plant to increase productivity and drive down costs.

Benefits of using NIR Spectroscopy for monitoring the process:
- requires no sample preparation (analyses samples as-is)
- gives results in seconds rather than hours
- can measure multiple component parameters simultaneously

Take a closer look at Metrohm NIRSystems Process Analysers with several sampling options.

Reduced Risk

Risks can be related to safety, risk of a runaway reaction, risk of ruining a batch of valuable product by adding the wrong raw material and unnecessary product giveaway.

NIRS can help to reduce business risk and improve efficiency by:

• Monitoring safety critical processes reducing exposure of process operatives
• Rapid ID and qualification of raw materials at the point of delivery and prior to use
• Early detection of process deviation to prevent loss of product
• Providing real-time information in seconds to reduce product variability
• Reducing potential bottlenecks by moving responsibility for quality from the laboratory to production
• Requiring no chemicals so no disposal issues

Reduced Cost

Typical Business Driver:

To ensure acceptable process capability, in many processes over-processing is utilized, e.g. over-drying powders. 


This commonly results in increased costs & cycle time:

NIRS Graph

Metrohm NIRSystems allow for the can control of processes with minimal variation close to the economical target by manipulating the process inputs.

Metrohm NIRSystems can also save you money by

• Reduction in laboratory costs and no expensive potentially harmful chemicals
• Reduction in number and cost of internal and external laboratory analyses
• Reducing stock inventory and storage costs by rapid release of raw materials to production
• Reduced production of expensive waste streams
• No expensive product consumed in NIR testing

Payback examples

Check out the following payback calculations based on actual cases!

Reduced laboratory testing time – Petrochemical Industry:

NIRS table 1

83 hours for NIR vs ~2400 hours for ASTM testing = $684,000 savings for 6 months

NIRS table 4

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