Improve efficiency with Metrohm Ion Chromatography
13/10/2015 15:45

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Want to find out how you can improve the efficiency of your laboratory with Metrohm In-line Sample Preparation (MISP) for Ion Chromatography?
Metrohm’s Intelligent Ion Chromatography hardware and software improves the efficiency of any laboratory using the MISP technique by automating many aspects of costly manual sample preparation.
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Ion Chromatography requires a crystal clear, clinically pure sample with no bacteria and no particles otherwise there are potential issues with the quality of the analysis as well as detrimental effects on hardware and consumables.
That is why suitable sample preparation is essential for reliable and accurate analysis.
With MISP it is now possible to fully automate sample preparation.

Benefits of Metrohm In-line Sample Preparation:

  • Improves precision and accuracy of results
  • Saves money on costly consumables such as syringe filters and filter caps
  • Minimises processing time
  • Reduces manual steps
  • Guarantees traceability for each sample preparation step

Automate the following sample preparation techniques with Metrohm MISP:

  • Inline Ultrafiltration
  • Inline Dialysis
  • Inline Dilution
  • Intelligent Partial Loop Technique
  • Intelligent Pick-Up Injection Technique
  • Inline Extraction
  • Inline Matrix Elimination
  • Inline Calibration
  • Inline Pre-concentration
  • Inline Neutralisation
  • Inline Cation Removal

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