FREE Seminar: Improving efficiency with real time Process Analysis
05/08/2015 11:30


Many Process Chemists and Process Engineers are well aware of the use of spectroscopic techniques such as IR, UV, and Raman for the on-line analysis of many processes, however there is much less awareness that typical lab wet methods can be fully automated “on-line”, such as Karl Fischer, titration, voltammetry and ion-chromatography.

This seminar is aimed at current Metrohm lab users as well as Process Engineers and Process Chemists
wanting to get a wider view of on-line analysis technologies, their application and benefits.

Why attend?
  • Find out about on-line analysis technologies, their application and benefits
  • Gain a better insight into what typical wet methods can be fully automated into on-line techniques
  • Look at the methodology used to carry out Metrohm PA’s traditional lab methods on-line as well as present in-line process NIRS
  • See typical applications, the problems faced and benefits gained through taking the analyses on-line
13th October. Metrohm UK Ltd, Cheshire

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