"The support we get from Metrohm is unsurpassed"
03/09/2018 12:21

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The support we get from Metrohm is unsurpassed” Adam Cutler, Director, Oil Analysis Laboratories.

Oil Analysis Laboratories was established in 2018 to deliver unique oil testing services to predict failures far earlier than traditional analysis programmes. This is achieved not only through a range of Metrohm instruments, but also by their new and unique LubeWear methodology that gives exceptional accuracy to wear metal analysis for when failure is not an option.

The Lube Analysis training facility located in Colwyn Bay, UK, partnered with LearnOilAnalysis.com provides course attendees with high level and practical knowledge that can be applied to any reliability centred maintenance programme.

“I’ve been involved in oil analysis for many years now and one of the fundamental things we’ve been using as far as equipment has been Metrohm. Metrohm equipment has been used particularly for doing titrations such as TAN and TBN to give customers an indication of the condition of their oil.

One of the things that’s been a benefit of using the titration equipment from Metrohm is that it’s simple to use and very good for demonstration purposes to customers. The robustness of the equipment also means they have a long service life and the support we get from Metrohm is unsurpassed.

We would recommend Metrohm because the after care and instrument training enables you to realise the full potential the instruments have to offer.”

Metrohm Solution:  916 Oil Ti-Touch

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