"Robust and easy to use"
29/08/2018 12:09

Metrohm IC Installed
“Robust and easy to use” Teresa Needham, Lab Manager, School of Geography, University of Nottingham.

The University of Nottingham use Metrohm IC to determine chloride, nitrate, phosphate and sulfate in environmental waters.

“We have been using Metrohm Ion Chromatography systems for over 14 years. Our research involves the determination of major ions in environmental water samples ranging from melted snow, to fresh water river systems to mangrove and marine samples. The new system allows oxalic acid to be introduced into the eluent which enables the removal of potential unknown contaminants from the column whilst analysis is taking place. We find that this system is robust and easy to use whilst having the detection limits we need. We would recommend Metrohm as the software and instrumentation is easy to use and economical to run. The team are easy to contact and advice is prompt.”