Automation solutions for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
23/08/2017 15:45 (UK)

930 and 889 stack
The 889 IC Sample Center is a high end automation solution where sample cooling is required as is often the case with 889 IC Sample Center (API’s). Quite often for API analysis, only very small amounts of sample is available for analysis, sample volumes may range from 1-10µl with the different rack configurations.
The 889 IC Sample Center is a classic x-y-z auto-sampler that offers pick-up, full loop and partial loop injection modes using classic LC or GC sample vials.
Speed of analysis is often essential for many pharmaceutical customers - of course in addition to the analysis time we have the sample loading time – the 889 injects the sample in typically 10 seconds.
If space was at a premium it is even possible to stack a 930 Compact IC Flex on top of the auto-sampler as seen at this customer site.

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